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Strategic Planning by Monterey Internet Marketing Consultant

Did you know that 50% of online businesses fail within 1 year? Don’t let it be your business.

Anyone can tell you that, but they don’t tell you what to actually do to help ensure your success online.

Here’s the answer: GET A STRATEGIC PLAN

Check out this link to find out more about how to get a Strategic Plan that will help accelerate your online success now!   We offer Strategic Planning for Custom Divi Website Design and other WordPress websites for business success.

A strategic plan can save you years of time. Do you surf the web looking for the latest digital marketing techniques to help you business.  When you read about a technique, how do you know it still works? Many times a blogger will just copy what he read somewhere else on the Web, and put it on his site. The technique could be a couple of years old. Something that been on the Internet for a few tears is ancient history, and will probably no longer work.

Even worse, the internet marketing technique that a blogger is promoting may actually hurt your rankings and get you penalized in the search results. To a lesser extent, this bad advice can lead to you modifying your website to the point where if you are doing advertising, Google won’t show your ads.  That means you are wasting more money and more time.

Do you read about yet another internet marketing method, from a popular internet marketing consultant and drop the technique you were doing last week and start with another trick?

Part of the way to success with digital marketing online is to stick with a method for a few months to a year. Sporadically changing horses in midstream will lead to varying results, usually on the low end.

Strategic plans for digital marketing are put together by experts to help ensure your success. Start now! Don’t Be Online Without A Strategic Marketing Plan

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