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The Ultimate Guide to Finding an Online Marketing Consultant.

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Finding an Online Marketing Consultant

Initially, when finding an online marketing consultant, I choose to address 2 essential ideas, especially apropos to the Internet world.

Competency and Integrity.

Given that I’ve been involved with the Internet and for several years and learned how to choose an online marketing consultant, these 2 major concerns are constantly on my mind.

The first question is:

Competency: how do you locate somebody that knows what they are doing?
Is your web designer, search engine optimization agency, or digital marketing consultant competent? Have you ever met them and their “team?”

The second question is:

Integrity: how do you discover a person online you know you can trust?

Here’s the issue. You receive the result of your online search – and it appears that there are an infinite number of possibilities for an online marketing consultant, except Google doesn’t provide enough information about each one. You can’t “see” any of them to be able to accurately judge if they are for real.

It’s important to rely on a search engine like Google to help obtain your results. But tt is like walking around in a dark room, hoping you will come across what you are in search of.

Now, you encounter a large problem mainly because:

The cost of having a presence on the World-wide-web is comparatively small. This attracts scammers who’re able to hoodwink a huge number of men and women in order to basically steal from them online, while having a extremely small chance of getting caught.

Further, it can be tough to verify the credibility of an individual on line. A relative of mine almost fell for a recent scam. She met a guy online, living in Los Angeles. She even met him. But then he asked her for a small amount of money. Which she did not give. Suddenly he said he was in Nigeria, and had found 2 ingots of gold and wanted help (meaning send a lot of money) smuggling it out! And he’s give her half, and marry her, etc., etc. But he was held up in Customs in London. He had his cell phone, but of course the camera wouldn’t work (since she asked for a picture of his holding cell).

The scammer guys along with the fraudster females are really good. I’ll bet they even have several of the processes automated. On the net scammers are smart to a point; they may be able to learn from their thief boss about how to steal. But don’t ever believe a scammer ever had the cerebral skill to even repair a laptop or computer.

The online world is quite scary, huh?

Again I will ask, is the company you found online respectable?

Our Lead Developer has held a top-secret security clearance. Twice. And yes, we’re trustworthy (and competent with WordPress web-site design and digital marketing).

Thank you for allowing us to address the twin qualities of credibility and competence in advance.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let us move into additional detail around the 10 major items you need to give some thought to in order to find the very best business online marketing consultant in your area.

1. Your online marketing consultant ought to be located near you.


We’re positioned in Monterey, California, and deliver web design, and online marketing consulting solutions to Monterey County and Santa Cruz County, California. I have heard several stories of individuals attempting to save costs with their web services by hiring organizations which are overseas.

One of the primary concerns with hiring people overseas is that if you enter into a contract (for website development as an example) you are at a tremendous disadvantage since they are in another country, you’re then bound by the policies of that nation and not bound by US law. Actually you’ve no say in what might happen and zero possibility of obtaining any refund of your capital.

Ask yourself this:

Why would somebody overseas who’s wanting to get each dollar they could just to make a living, even care about you? They say they do care about you, and I am not fully convinced. Anyway, if you ever go ahead and assume they care and are trustworthy and competent, you happen to be nevertheless bound by the laws of an overseas nation.

Additionally, even though education in the United States of America (and schools for students to learn how to produce e-commerce web sites) may be sometimes lacking, the language abilities here are pretty high. The educational system in the United states of America, although it gets a poor rap oftentimes, I think is superior to the vast majority of countries around the globe.

What this means for you is that lately the search engines like Google are learning incredibly well to recognize all-natural language.

I unspun this article, and I bet you are noticing some stiltedness to it.

Have you noticed how they oftentimes a website asks you what language you need your website to be viewed in?

Or have you noticed that now often you need to pick from many diverse languages inside a drop-down box when you’re filling out a form to buy some software?

Undoubtedly, somebody that doesn’t speak English at all would not be a candidate to become an employee undertaking blog posts for you.

Persons overseas can attempt to produce content by computers only. That’s trying to make website pages only written by a PC. But I consider automatically written content could possibly be some years off. The result is that the writing is a bit strange and unnatural.

And by the time superior Artificial Intelligence rolls about, Google may have come up with a solution to adjust its algorithm so that consumers can’t spoof the major search engines and get good ratings by using a machine to create a blog post.

Along those lines, somebody who was not born within the United States of America most likely will lack the capacity to write nicely for people that reside in the United States of America.

It’s just that you simply encounter numerous slang terms and colloquialisms and expressions that neighborhood folks use. There is no way that you just can study these types of expressions in a formal school, that would be a contradiction – the formal school wouldn’t be teaching lingo. Get an established winner in the USA to write for your website.

2. Education

online marketing consultant with MBA in Monterey, CA serving Santa Cruz, CA and San Jose, CA

And that makes an fascinating and simple segue into education.

Even though writing for the internet may well incorporate some slang terms, we didn’t learn any slang in our formal education at the college level. Nor did we learn slang at the graduate level.

All of our Associates hold an undergraduate degree or higher. And they’re citizens of the United States of America.

We do not use PhD’s.

I personally did not get a PhD since I was rightly informed that a person gets a PhD to teach. That indicates that PhD’s are generally not “doers,” although they do teach. A Ph.D. can sit in an ivory tower, but they cannot operate corporations or begin corporations and things like that.

We previously mentioned that our lead programmer is amongst the original USC Entrepreneurs and has the education completely suited to allow us to serve your demands a lot more successfully than any bald internet marketing “gurus” with black t-shirts and scruffy beards in pajamas.

It’s cool to understand how you can do precise accounting, the way to do promoting (a really crucial a part of your company), strategic planning, needs assessment, marketplace analysis, and finding a profitable niche.
All of this our Lead Developer did in the graduate level at a university in southern California at the graduate level Entrepreneur MBA program. It was actually a combined track MBA in entrepreneurship and in real estate finance.

Our Lead Developer chose this system quite specifically due to the fact he had taken the pains to discover people who could effectively test him and instruct him on where greatest to apply personal computer capabilities to properly consult about online marketing.

Years ago, before the internet, the profession on the technical side would have been called telecommunications consultant. That was many decades ago, so these days, telecommunications consultant combined with marketing translates to Digital Advertising and Online Marketing Consultant, or Web Advertising and Marketing Consultant.

So that is what we do at Excalibur Websites, Inc. – internet marketing.

In case you haven’t noticed, the world wide web is still expanding continually and there’s a big gap between what people are searching for and their ability to find what they desire. A part of what they need is solutions that you or your company can provide.

Excalibur Websites Inc. specializes in the development and execution of online digital media strategic plans and tactics.

All of our Associates hold an undergraduate degree or greater and are USA locals.

3. Coaching

The best internet marketing consultant uses the Divi theme

How does the laptop or computer function? Ask your local “website designer” and I’ll bet they are not in a position to give you an effective answer.

That’s not their fault, provided that they are not trying to give you suggestions about points they definitely don’t know. One example is, just how much does your average “website designer” understand about communications security?

What’s communications security you ask?

Communications safety is guarding your information from hackers. I will not enter into super superb detail right here, but several of you might recognize that for about $3000 you could obtain a hacker kit and start hacking.

You and I must take well-defined actions to shield our Web presence from the people today in the USA and in Nigeria, Russia, Taiwan, and also other nations that harbor hackers.

We have coaching in how you can protect your data from hackers. Clearly nothing at all will be fully 100% safe, but that is definitely the objective for which we aim.

We use software known as WordPress to make a part of our World wide web advertising come about. It really is an excellent software program, and we use it. Given that it is generally superior to other alternative, it is also popular.

I prefer to explain that we usually do not use WordPress mainly because it is one of the most-used web platforms. We use WordPress because it truly is our preferred software to assist us with reaching your goals related to websites and online marketing.

As you possibly currently know, widely used computer software is often the target of hackers since they can do more harm. But, we take as many steps as possible to reasonably preserve our web-sites from being broken into.

And hackers attempt to break into our web pages about once every 24 hours.

You may figure out for yourself really quickly that your internet site is also going to become under attack. Get in touch with a great online marketing consultant in the event you get compromised.

And in order to keep your information intact as well as your software program functioning, you are going to need advice you can trust to guide your actions as you attempt to protect your website.

Our Lead Developer’s 1st job was at the Defense Communications Engineering Center in Virginia. As mentioned just before, he has held a top-secret security clearance and was involved with developing secure systems for the Space Transportation System, also known as the Space Shuttle.

We enable you to compute with self-assurance. Don’t get caught with your pants down online. No other digital marketing consultants are worth their salt since they don’t know the deep secrets of the Net!

4. Expertise

Finding an Online Marketing Consultant Excalibur 2017 (Custom)

An internet web design and search engine optimization (SEO) provider that does specialist work for Monterey, CA has researched the internet and has the following questions for you personally:

When would you say the online world started? Possibly around 1994? That’s when I remember men and women first running around talking about it in Denver.

But the World Wide Web had been around for over a decade before that and components of it happened to be around for even 30 years before 1994.

Try to remember, we’ve had wireless for decades due to the fact Marconi invented the radio in about 1895.
When our Lead Designer was 15 1/2 yrs. Old, he spent time on a class in electronic theory. Why age 15 1/2 years old? Simply because he had to wait to get his driver’s permit to be able to drive to attend the class!
Talk about the DMV holding back Internet development. LOL.

Anyway, our associates at Excalibur Websites have studied Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Arts, design and style, Electronics, and several other disciplines.

This excellent wide range of abilities is a skill set that we bring to you to help ensure wonderful results for your business online.

We’re a smaller enterprise, but this really is not our first corporation.

One issue that I seriously am crazy talking about in the online marketing world is the fact that people today are prepared to accept advice from a 22-year-old art student who’s taken a “course” on the right way to start your online marketing.

These 22-year-olds without any business expertise, education or coaching are advising small business owners about what to do with their websites. Avoid them, they are in large companies, too, and they can simply give you poor business tips whether they are freelancing or working for a large company you are paying an arm and a leg to.

Well, we’re a bit older than 22 years old. Have a look at our TopSecret search engine marketing course and you shall see.

We now have more than 25 years of actual in real life business expertise. We’re experts at SEO. That signifies we have worked in large companies, functioned in small businesses we formed, working at our own corporations, promoting these corporations, undertaking accounting, and whatever it required to have an effective operation.

Real-world expertise is important asset. At first I underrated it.

It is the difference between some moron just renting you a motorcycle, vs. someone advising you on what type of motorcycle to rent in the first place, and then from their practical experience they are able to help you plan the right way to get from point A. to point B., and they will tell you what to avoid along the way.

Having grown to a position that can save you time, and having becoming able to avoid the pitfalls on the Net, along with helping you avoid many of the pitfalls that occur in operating business enterprises is a super benefit.

5. Has up to date knowledge

SEO & Internet Marketing Pebble Beach, CA

Excalibur Web sites, Inc. tagline is “rock-solid, cutting-edge technologies for Internet success.

The net is evolving as you study this. So in an effort to remain as up to date as possible and capable to supply the best solutions to you, we at Excalibur Websites digital marketing need to continually be vigilant for new approaches.

A few years ago, just a web site was sufficient. We remember creating sites from templates and coding in HTML. Nevertheless, creating websites wasn’t so easy.

The worst element about producing the sites was the quantity of time it took. An addition to the tremendous amount of time that it took, there were other factors as well.

The technologies involved were an issue. The various computer software programs definitely didn’t work properly together.

It was quite easy to lose data and information since it was hard to back up the functions that had been done to make the site, or to perform a backup, or create a small business marketing and advertising e-mail series. Once I deleted all my Web 1.0 websites! Gone!

Additionally, one particular issue was that you had to write lots of code. And writing a whole lot of code implies doing a good deal of typing in a manner that a computer could understand.

The issue was that unless you had the patience as well as the aptitude to do an amazing deal of parallel thinking and be able to break down the procedure step-by-step, and then construct what could possibly go wrong and also do the coding, making a webpage was actually a real hassle.

Our Master websites, observed in our Products section, enable you to get around that quickly

Those kinds of activities (coding) waste your time and would waste our firm’s time. So, being on the lookout for superior ways to do things, we have been able to discover new techniques that speed items up and that are much more reliable.

6. Utilizes cutting-edge computer software

white hat seo techniques

As mentioned earlier, several of the ingredients that make up your ability to navigate around the World-wide-web have been around for decades – like wireless communications, and satellites. Cable television has been around for over 50 years.

On the other hand, the computer software we use is about 1-2 weeks old, that is how sophisticated these software application are, these cutting-edge solutions we use to brings you great results.

These software programs are created by professionals who have been in the programming field for over ten years. They’ve attended the top programming schools inside the nation of the United states and also the finest schools within the state of California.

The software developers are some of the brightest brains around and they present new application updates to us frequently. We then command the software to produce web pages, and those web pages make sure that your prospects are aware of your products and that they are presented in a desirable manner and that your visitors are motivated to buy those items, which they do (order the items), in the end bringing you additional profit. A little convoluted, I know, but that’s the basic process.

A number of the other web design and internet marketing companies supply sites that will be referred to as far more “sober.” I’ve noticed the internet sites and they’re essentially what could be named “boring.”
As a company, we’ve spent several hundred dollars on these “sober” web sites and they just are not capable of bringing the high quality necessary for your needs and for us.

Mainly because we need to bring you the really best Web marketing services possible, we use cutting-edge new software programs to make responsive internet websites for mobile phones. And there are numerous people available who claim to be search engine optimization (SEO) consultants that are providing poor advice and they are pulling in money hand over fist.

But, what do you understand about these so-called digital marketing consultants? They make amazing promises and make it simple for you to spend thousands of dollars and they make the changes for you personally and then they’re gone overnight (with your money).

At the beginning of one’s association with these folks as well as the tactics, it looks like you are gaining inside the rankings, that your web page is becoming far more widely used.

The gains in ranking will go on for about 3 months and when you finally are at about six months the three major search engines will de-index your web-site, meaning it can’t be discovered on the net, for the black hat strategies that the business employed used.

And do you recall that I mentioned a number of people sign contracts with companies in a foreign country? That means that if you signed a contact with an oversears company you can’t get a refund of all the cash you paid these unscrupulous people.

As well as losing the cash, probably the most vital issue is that you have lost months of time by using low quality providers.

A different alternative you might explore is to make your website yourself. If you ever do choose to go this route, I honestly wish you the best simply because it has been a nightmare for me to find out the best way to effectively create these sites in a way that is definitely incredibly lucrative.

It’s not possible to acquire the information overnight and it is impossible to purchase the information to make an effective marketing and conversion –oriented website. The people who know how to get customers online won’t tell you exactly what they are doing, why should they?

And in case an individual “online marketing consultant” is selling you to “the knowledge” about how to do marketing online, they are really only telling you how they allegedly succeeded at it six months ago.

What they did to apparently succeed several months ago may not work for you today! You might have unique customers, you’re in a different niche, the search engines have changed, etc. However, our newly updated Search Engine Marketing products will guide you to increase your website traffic now.

7. Your online marketing consultant must understand hackers

How can I find the best digital marketing consultant

Did you know that about 3,000 websites are hacked each day?

Did you thin we were saying that is 3,000 sites per year?

No, that is 3,000 sites that get hacked on a daily basis.

The large advantage that we offer to US small companies is that we are your partner in assisting you succeed in business online, while helping you avoid major “setbacks” from hackers.

A web-site that we build for you personally will contribute large part to your success.

Undoubtedly we will conduct certain marketing and advertising campaigns that will be a part of your achievement. These marketing campaigns will be invisible to your competitors, they won’t know what you’re doing.

We have numerous procedures to bring results to smaller organizations. We’re wise, effective, and we take actions to not waste time. Having a website hacked will be a colossal waste of time and generally a totally unnecessary waste of time.

Therefore, we need our customers to follow secure procedures because a protected site cuts down the chance in the web site being hacked. What exactly is it worth to you as a business owner to avoid getting hacked and de-indexed by Google?

Are you able to visualize the embarrassment you’d feel if one of your associates says your website was hacked, and showed you a picture of some weirdo now appearing in your site?

Possibly you have seen what a HACKED Website that didn’t use appropriate WordPress site virus and anti-hacker protection appears like. Do you think it won’t happen to you?

Target was hacked.

Harvard was hacked.

Get real.

In case you have seen a hacked web site, you can be on the same page as we are. You realize asking for the best safety and protection you can have for your web site is paramount, mainly because getting hacked isn’t worth it.

Thinking ahead and taking an approach that takes measures to force the hackers look elsewhere is worth the time especially with an e-commerce website.

8. Your consultant has years of ecommerce marketing

Best SEO consultant in Monterey, CA is also the best Monterey marketing agency

I recall in the past that people believed that the internet was free. Did they think they were going to get access to an entire communications infrastructure for free? These men and women have been only displaying their naiveté.

Some people actually thought they could get really good information and get really good strategies and generate income on the World-wide-web for free.

But instead, if they had taken time to look, they would have seen that most everyone Online has a piece of skin in the game, they’ve got some investment of time, energy, or money in the Net. What do I mean by that?

mean it takes a certain amount of desire and energy in one form or another to be on the Internet.
Someone has to, at a minimum, go to a library to obtain access to a laptop to get on the Internet. If they may be lucky enough to own a computer, then they can get into a coffee shop and access a wireless hotspot to be on the Internet.

So they’re putting in effort and using resources to get onto the web. And why are they putting in the effort? If you ever question them they are going to provide you with an answer, but it’s actually not the actual answer.
People are on the world wide web searching for that one thing that might help them move beyond their current life and catapult them into becoming their “ideal” person and help them live their imagined “ideal “ life.
And that’s the secret of promoting around the Internet (help people move toward achieving their ideal life. It is a noble goal.

And this can be the type of thinking you are going to use to help your business enterprise succeed when other people obtain only mediocre benefits. Perhaps you have seen people go out of business online because they were not helping people with their goals. We recommend checking out the numerous eCommerce merchandise businesses that could assist you with promoting your products and services on line and enable you to take a permanent lead over your competitors/competition.

9. Has IRL (In Real Life) business expertise

I say that the nature of business hasn’t changed much at all. We just added the world wide web.

For consultants, it is still about relationships and delivering worthwhile SEO Consultant services that help you succeed.

We just have the Net now.

The web is still new, and customers do not know a good deal in regards to how to use it.

I know I keep harping on it, but there are actually consumers around that find a company online to help them, and because it’s so painless for these shysters and rip-off artists to acquire a presence on the World-wide-web, they hire these kinds of companies.

These companies that promise a lot but just take your money with little or no results could be in the United states of America as well. The fact is, quite a few of them are within the United states. They can appear legitimate simply because they look like you and me. These are the type people that work in boiler rooms (the term used to describe a room with many people in it producing scam telephone calls or sending fake e-mails to acquire people’s credit card numbers).

We are able to help you protect your information. We use providers that maintain your sensitive information secure and away from prying eyes.

Especially with an e-commerce website you realize that keeping the information secure is very important. We can protect your sensitive business data by encrypting it. Remember that even though your data is encrypted, you need to be careful to see if anybody’s looking over your shoulder to take a picture of your bank card!
When you happen to be on the Net and making a purchase, I must remind you to occasionally look for the “HTTPS” located in the top left of your browser window.

Back to e-commerce here. In the future, what is going to happen is that everything that can be delivered is going to be delivered. One might even consider starting a delivery service. In case you do choose to start a web-based delivery service for others’ products or even to deliver the products of your company, we are able to assist you develop this kind of lucrative operation on the net.

The beauty of e-commerce merchandise selling is that the expenses to create sales are very low when compared with conventional mean of selling things. In fact, e-commerce is the wave of the future. It truly is the large gold rush and it’s coming.

I want you to get in on the big gold rush before the major guys get even further into e-commerce. Many large organizations have already been profitable in e-commerce for more than 15 years. Look at Jeff Bezos of eBay, he’s undertaking online sales very effectively, becoming a multibillionaire.

It’s true that we can not necessarily obtain results as huge as what he has been able to. On the ohter hand, there are actually a great number of variables that point toward being able to produce large earnings online that I would love to help you to obtain results with it now. We can setup a buying cart for you personally that use can use to sell your products online. We are able to make it easier to develop services and merchandise to sell on line. We can even help you find merchandise to sell on your e-commerce website.

After the webpage is made, we deliver e mail marketing services as well as sustaining your website every day, if necessary.

And now that those selling systems are in place, you can focus on increasing a client base and educating your consumers concerning the amazing features and benefits of your company’s products.

10. Your experienced business website designer knows ways to use Google

Google provides a lot of solutions that are very good to utilize, especially if you own a smaller organization. They update these services as necessary and create new solutions which will help improve your online business.

One example is, it s possible to use Google Analytics to take a detailed look at your websites’ visitors. Google can inform us their ages, exactly where they may be geographically, and a lot more.

A great new accomplishment Google has made possible is storing your files on the internet. As an example, you can actually have a look at new blog posts we may have helped you create with Google Docs, and make a few changes to it, and it can be on internet in seconds!

The very first application that comes to mind here is called Google Drive. Any time you sign up you get 5 gigabytes of storage absolutely free. This implies that you can retain a ton of your spreadsheets and business operating manuals (as well as other data) online. One benefit from storing your information on the internet is the fact that it truly is less likely to be lost.

If you have been in the computer world for the past several years, you may recall a typical practice used to be putting files on a USB flash drive. These flash drives were quite small and it was easy to lose the drive and your information if there was not a backup of it. Until a few years ago, it was an excellent technique to back up your data in various places. Further, it is a superb idea to back up your data after carrying out a site design and to back up your e-mail addresses.

Another new software out there is named Google Calendar. It’s an internet calendar that can help absolutely everyone inside your organization get tasks performed in a timely manner. I’ll state the obvious that this online Google Calendar can save them time and would make your planning significantly less error prone.

We are able to make it easier for you to learn these new techniques that should enable you to boost your enterprise efficiency.

Have you thought about putting business pictures on the internet and on your website?

Your consumers “always” examine the faces in the ads, and so it’s a great way to get their attention and to increase engagement.

Possibly you have below-par pictures on your webpage and inside your e-mail campaigns.

Modify the photos. The difference terrific images make is astounding, and may enhance your traffic immensely.

It really is remarkable to see, if you ever use our WordPress web site solutions, how much better your business will appear online and how much superior your reputation will be as a small business owner on the internet.

Your company will shine in comparison to your competitor’s organizations; your new system shall be capable of answering customers’ questions easily and effectively. Providing for the customers’ needs helps to improve your earnings.

As this article wraps up, remember that YouTube is owned by Google which indicates that Google likes YouTube.

We are able to help you make videos that get your message across in a compelling way.

Several of the very best videos on YouTube are about 2 minutes long. A lot of people drop watching a video soon after a 2 minutes, so this is an effective way to keep their interest.

Along these lines, you’ll be able to see that we can generate some short videos which can entice your buyers to purchase your company’s products and services over and over. Check out the Excalibur Websites YouTube channel right now to see what can work for your business.


In conclusion, in order to locate a qualified company online that can help you with your marketing, you need to keep these 10 considerations in mind.

Failing to use an online marketing consultant that is lacking even one of these traits can be a formula for disaster. Choose the best you can find.

Good luck.

Many thanks.


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