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How to Add Google Analytics to a Website

Small business website design and internet marketing videos

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Digital marketing strategy for eCommerce

Excalibur Websites is able to “meet you where you are.” That means that wherever you are in your Internet marketing journey, you need a plan.  Whether you are just beginning, or an intermediate, or a well-seasoned Internet marketer, you can immensely benefit from putting together a strategic plan. As you may know, typical elements of a strategic plan may include examining your company’s strengths and weaknesses, identifying your current competitors, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and assembling a written plan that you and others can follow over the next year. There was a study done in Harvard many years ago that said people who set goals were much more likely to succeed. Increase your odds of success with a strategic plan.

Websites – beautiful Elementor websites and custom Divi websites

An extremely high percentage, about 97%, of a person’s evaluation of your business website is the way it looks, its visual appearance.  Using a responsive and mobile-ready design as the basis for creating your amazing website, you are able to give your website that “wow” factor that grabs people’s attention and helps turn them into buyers. Even bucolic locations like Danville, California have the ability to get a great website.

Helping you grow your San Jose, San Francisco, or Monterey, California business

Northern California, including the San Francisco bay area, is a fascinating part of California and it was built by pioneers and entrepreneurs of the Old West.  Today, we bring that same entrepreneurial spirit to you to help grow your business faster than you thought possible. Excalibur Websites unique process of website design, search engine optimization (SEO), and paid advertising will help yo reach #1 in Google Search, the coveted spot that all businesses need to skyrocket their profits. Take a look at some of the videos below to learn about marketing your business online, then contact us to get started. The time to start marketing your business online is now.

The Ultimate Divi Developer Contract Set
TopSecret SEO Introduction Video
The first 6 things Google says you must do
How to add a Google+ Badge to your website and get more Google link juice.
How to add your new business to Google My Business for better rankings!

To attract more customers and grow your revenues, work with the best digital marketing agency in California.
Growing your business online is a complicated endeavor. From knowing all the acronyms like SEO, PPC, and many others, to being able to use Google Analytics to make solid decisions, the world of digital marketing can be overwhelming.  You should not go it alone. That’s why we’re here to help. As you begin to place your order for our internet marketing services, browse our website for our results page, where we provide proof of what we’ve been able to do to grow businesses online and give business owners the peace of mind that their business will last for many years to come, and that their revenue is steadily increasing.

Ask yourself, “Why don’t other companies provide proof of their results?” Maybe because they don’t get any results for all the money you paid them. You be the judge, but beware, there are many, many interent makreting companies online that promise the world, but just take your money and deliver no results, costing you not only money, but wasting your valuable time that can never be recovered. Choose Exalibur Webistes now, and start on the road to amazing profit increases in your business.

We are an experienced marketing firm that utilizes the latest trends in technology, along with time-tested marketing principles, to find the best ways to market your business on the Internet. We make sure that everything we do for you has a positive ROI, and hold ourselves accountable to continually promoting and growing your business online.

For additional search engine optimization tips and tricks, see this conversion optimization post on our website.

If you like YouTube videos, we have a ton of great tutorials on growing your business online at Excalibur Websites YouTube channel.

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