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Small business website design and internet marketing videos

Some of the many topics included are:


Digital marketing strategy for eCommerce

Excalibur Websites is able to “meet you where you are.” That means that wherever you are in your Internet marketing journey, you need a plan.  Whether you are just beginning, or an intermediate, or a well-seasoned Internet marketer, you can immensely benefit from putting together a strategic plan. As you may know, typical elements of a strategic plan may include examining your company’s strengths and weaknesses, identifying your current competitors, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and assembling a written plan that you and others can follow over the next year. There was a study done in Harvard many years ago that said people who set goals were much more likely to succeed. Increase your odds of success with a strategic plan.

Web sites – beautiful, custom Divi websites

An extremely high percentage, about 97%, of a person’s evaluation of your business website is the way it looks, its visual appearance.  Using a responsive and mobile-ready design as the basis for creating your amazing website, you are able to give your website that “wow” factor that grabs people’s attention and helps turn them into buyers. Even bucolic locations like Danville, California have the ability to get a great website.

San Francisco, CA search engine optimization

Hello there, especially if you live in San Francisco, California.  Our San Francisco bay area is a fascinating part of California and it was built on pioneers and entrepreneurs of the Old West.  Oftentimes, it is advisable to get an outside view of what is happening in San Francisco as far as search engine optimization and the marketing of your small and medium-sized business online is concerned.   Somewhere in Excalibur Websites’ portfolio, there is an Adobe Illustrator design for a business card that says “Outsider, bring one in,” it is very easy to get into a perceptual fishbowl living your life and work, wherever you are.  An expert outsider consultant opinion can be better because of their unique viewpoint.

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If you like YouTube videos, we have a ton of great tutorials on growing your business online at Excalibur Websites YouTube channel.

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