Do You Want to Create a Massive Customer Base of Raving Fans and Then Drive Them to Your Website to Become Buyers?

(without spending a dollar on ads)

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Use Social Media Services

Social media is the best way to interact with potential new customers and turn them into buyers that promote your products to their friends.  One of the most obvious benefits of social media is increasing brand awareness and geting exposure to new audiences. Social media enables you to build brand loyalty (repeat buyers) faster than any other method.

"Our Social Media Services product is designed to increase awareness of your company, showcase your products, position you as an expert, and decrease your marketing costs, and increase your overall profits.


IBM, Target Company, Sotheby's and Kodak recommened Excalibur Websites, Monterey, CA

Social Media Services Are For You If...

You don't want your business to appear behind the times,  or out of touch. The jury has spoken: social media for business is no longer optional.

You want to generate more customers and sales without using advertising.  By using social media, you can get free traffic to your website.  If you use advertising, once you stop advertising, the traffic stops, too.  The results of social media build up over time and can steadily increase your customer base. Sound good? Read on.

  • Here's a quick summary of the process that will unleash the power of Social Media to create unsurpassed opportunities for your business...
  • The social media audit and plan reviews your existing social media activity and develops a plan to maximize your social profile.
  • Next, we will review your existing social media accounts to ensure they are set up properly. If you don't have social media accounts, they will be created in this step.
  • Then we set up social media marketing tracking to monitor the performance of your campaigns.
  • Next, we create your social media calendar and draft posts for the next 30 days, for your review and approval, and begin social media management.

Here's What You Get! Social Media Delivers Results No Other Marketing Method Can Match!

Take a look at how Social Media management works; all the pieces come together to help transform your online business into an automatic profit-generating machine...

Customers need repeated exposure to your brand. the more they interact the more they will buy.

Uncovers the gaps in your existing social media marketing plan.

A social media marketing plan keeps you focused on maximizing results from social medial.

Review of your competitors' social media activity to identify opportunities.

Outlines the posts for the next 30 days.

Review current social accounts, and make new ones as needed.

Social Media Posts, Likes, and Shares are "the new backlinks."

Helps increase trust with visitors and search engines. Positions you as an authority.

Posting content like articles and images helps keep you top of mind with your audience.

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Finally, a Master Marketer That Will Take You from Frustrated and Anxious, to Confident and In Control...


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Thinking about waiting to get started until next week, next month, or next year? As you may be experiencing on your real life, prices are always going up. The longer you wait, the more this service will cost you. This is not cheesy hype to get you to sign up, it's the truth.  

Further, doing nothing will allow your competitors to use these services, and may enable them to create a permanent lead in your business niche. To wait is to risk losing your business online.  Our motto is "Get Online, or Get Left Behind."

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We wanted customers that would buy from us again and again...

"The social media services Excalibur Websites provides are absolutely game-changing. My social media accounts now have a consistent, modern look, perfect for my business niche."

Gerald Kline, Owner, Black Paper

It's exciting to be able to interact with customers...

"We used to waste time chasing potential customers that said they were interested, but ended up wasting our time and never buying from us. With Social Media services, more customers find out about us, trust us, and are eager to buy from us.  

I've gone from trying to convince people to buy my services, to gently educating them about the benefits of what we do.  No more hard selling!"

Valerie Calias, Master Staffing Services

Monterey Internet Marketing consultant for people find my business when they search on Google
San Francisco SEO Process

Social Media Services Uses a 2-phase Process to Maximize Results.

​Phase 1:  Social Media Setup:

Step 1. Social Media Audit & Plan:  We review your existing social media activity, your competitors’ social media activity, and we outline a plan for success.

Step 2. Social Media Account Setup:   We will review your Facebook and Twitter and Google+ accounts (as appropriate) to ensure they are set up properly (or set them up if they do not exist).

Step 3. Social Media Account Configuration:  We add the links to get potential customers back to your website.

Step 4. Social Media Analytics Setup:  We set up  social media marketing tracking so we can monitor the performance of your campaigns.

Step 5. Social Media Analytics Setup:  We create your social media calendar and draft posts for the next 30 days for your approval.

​Phase 2:  Social Media Management:

Step 1. Setup social media marketing calendar.

Step 2. Execute the plan. Posting content like articles and images helps establish a bond with your audience, and keeps your business top-of-mind with your prospects and customers.

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 14 DAYS!

Try our services risk-free for 14 days! If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason during this time, we will cheerfully refund your money, no questions asked. But we feel confident you will find our services to be of the highest quality available anywhere. We are your partner for online business success. Get the results you deserve now.

Social Media Marketing turned my company around...

"I've been using Excalibur's social media management services for several months now, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Great value at a great price."

Thomas Williams, Entrepreneur
digital marketing consultant working near Pacific Grove, CA

Social Media is helping us grow our business!

"Like I said, Excalibur Websites Social Media services have been a great solution to growing our customer base and profits.

Excailbur Websites doubled my followers on Facebook in 3 months. That helped us shatter our sales goals for the year. The simple, natural and basically free growth (customer base grew 29% this year) has increased profits while reducing customer acquisition costs. Every company I tried before was ineffective at getting results."

Andrew McCracken, President


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