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Your Website Has 2 Purposes: To Promote Your Products and Make Money!

Originally, I built websites to help market my swimming pool repair business.  We were using other marketing methods like direct mail, but the Internet offered another channel to market the business. Back in 2006, I learned HTML and built a series of 5 websites to help promote the business.

"Why build 5 websites?" you ask. Because back then, websites were made by hard-coding information into the website.  Further, you had to use HTML to build the framework of the website, and often the website would utrn out to be a mess.  It took building 5 websites just to get it right, and I ain't no dummy!

The lesson learned was that probably anyone could build a "website," but if you wanted a good website that performed for your business, you needed an expert!  So, quickly I learned that making a website that would be successful on the web took way more expertise and effort (and time) than most people could imagine.

To make matters worse, we were trying to grow our business, and didn't have the money to pay some web design agency $10,000 or more just to get a basic website.   Further, I didn't want to pay $10,000 for a basic website that would just sit there idle on the Internet, with no customers being able to find it.

As this point I realized that, as a small business owner, I'd need an expert to build the website and help the website get found when potential customers searched online for my swimming pool repair business.

"What could I do to get a website that would show up #1 in Google search? I asked."  We (when I say "we," I mean myself and 1 other family member).  Unfortunately, this family member knew  almost nothing about computers, let alone how to code in HTML and make the website friendly to Google.  To give you an idea, this family member had an AOL account (a sure tip-off that they were behind the times), and to this day, they haven't deleted any of the AOL emails, even 10 years later! The family member also had a Facebook account, but that was the extent of their computer skills.

Sadly, I came to realize that I was on my own.  Although they wanted to, no one in my family could help. It was up to me, single-handedly, to build the website and optimize it for the search engines.  There was no one to help me, no one that I could trust to do the job. Sound familiar? 

So there I was, feeling alone and hopeless.  But I didn't give up.  Recalling that I had an engineering degree and a business degree,  I decided to learn how to make websites for the business that both looked good, and showed up on the 1st page of the Google search results.   

Every night, after repairing swimming pools, I would literally spend hours learning how to make a website that would appear in the search results when customers were looking for "swimming pool repair."  

The website had to be responsive (work and look good on mobile devices like smart phones).  Further, since I had no money to advertise on AdWords or anywhere else, the website had to be search engine friendly, and it had to have great SEO (search engine optimization).

After 2 years of work, learning, wins and losses, I finally developed it:  A Proven SEO Formula

At first, results were slow to come.  I began getting an additional 1 or 2 repair calls per month.   After all the dark nights and weekends of no free time, the research and work was beginning to pay off!   Within about 6 months, the SEO-optimized website I made enabled my company to generate an additional $2,000 per month.  With in 1 year, the website was helping bring in an additional $4,000 per month (without any advertising)!

The Basic Method was simple: Build a beautiful website, and use the new techniques to optimize the heck out of it for Google. 

My long nights of study enabled me to uncover the secrets about what worked and what didn't work with getting my business found online.

But the methods and techniques still took too many hours to implement.  The website needed optimized H1 tags.  It needed to have hyperlinks to other parts of the website.  If I used an H3 tag for emphasis, I knew that I had to have used an H1 and some H2 tags prior to using the H3 tag.  So I had to go deeper than just finding what worked by the trial and error method.  Again, my research and learning turned to understanding the very principles of how Google search operated, and what made a website faster and findable.

Learning what worked wasn't good enough.  It was necessary to understand the underlying concepts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  More nights and weekends of research and testing (work) were needed.

To an extent, it was possible to learn online about how to make a great business website. But of course, some of the information on the Internet that tried to explain how to make a #1 website was outdated.  Some of the information was straight out wrong and actually caused the website to drop in rankings!

The Inner Secrets of Google Had to be Revealed

Although the small business website looked great and had an SEO-friendly structure, to really master how to get results online would take implementing some important items like:

Speed.  The website had to load fast! Fast means findable.

Easy to update, since Google loves new content.

Repeatable. If techniques were not repeatable, they were useless.

Some of the essential secrets included:

  • Understanding "Black Hat" techniques.
    Every possible advantage is needed to succeed in business and the website used black hat techniques that worked and did not lead to any Google penalties.
  • Knowing which "keywords" worked.
    Just choosing any keyword that came to mind wasn't good enough.  It was OK, but in order to rise to the top, the most effective keywords had to be chosen, and then incorporated into the website. 
  • Did numbers, words, images, audio, or video work best?
    It didn't matter to me if an image worked better than an audio file. If the image worked better, then the website would use an image. The secret was in finding out what worked better, not by guessing, but by actual numerical analysis.

The secret system was getting better and better results, especially after adding techniques developed from a deep understanding of how SEO worked...

At this point in the process of discovering what made a truly amazing website, things were starting to come together. Learning how online search worked was no longer a mystery, I was able to "manipulate" the website at will to get it to rise to the top.

Sometimes the website's ranking would drop, resulting in fewer people calling for swimming pool repairs.  What went wrong?  Nothing really, it was because Google was changing the way it ranked websites, the actual criteria Google used to rank websites #1 on the first page of results was changing!

So that was a new problem, Google Was Changing...

Trying to keep up with each little change Google made was becoming too burdensome. Remember, I was running a business full-time, and making the website and making it findable online were taking too great a toll in time and effort.

One day a friend said, "Why don't you write all this stuff down? Wouldn't that be easier?"  He was right, after all the effort I put into finding what worked, it was still all in my head and unorganized.

So another phase began. This new phase would document the essential elements of what worked, what had ceased to work, and what was starting to work.  In order to keep the website on the cutting-edge and bringing in tons of customers, things needed to be written down and organized into a plan.

Further, I wanted to be able to get results in even less time.  The massive bank of knowledge needed to be distilled into a method that 1 person could follow, and it needed to be documented.  Further, if I ever became unable to optimize the website, the techniques had to be teachable to someone else.

The result is that the Ultimate SEO Secrets needed to be made into a course.

Here is the amazing result: The TopSecret SEO Course

This course is the perfect solution to boost your online marketing and get more customers...

It was designed by someone with a BS Mechanical Engineering, and an MBA with Academic Honors, me.

It was then assembled by a prior military secure (secret) communications officer, me.

I tell you this not to brag, but to show you I know what I'm talking about, and not some bonehead online that's selling a bunch of hype.   Here's what the course can do for you: 

  1. Show you what really works with SEO:  The course reveals important secrets like how Google and other search engines "crawl" a website, and how to reach #1 in Google's rankings.
  2.  Teach you how to choose the right keywords:  Find the exact keywords that are best for your business, and that attract people that want to buy your products and services.
  3. Outline a proven method that gets results: there are a million techniques presented online that may increase your ranking. Find out which ones will actually maximize your website's profits.

P.S., that's $10,000 cash in the lower right picture, part of the cash profits generated from following the methods in the TopSecret SEO course.

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John Doe UI/UX Designer

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Sarah Donohough
- M.D., in private practice

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Now, after 1 week (I can't believe it) I understand what we need to do.  Even better, I understand the concepts of search engine optimization and am now using them on my site.  Very exciting.”

James Allsworth
- President, Action Accounting, CPAs
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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“This SEO course is the best.  Save your sanity and your business with this course.

If you're sitting there wondering why the world is passing by your business, and no one is calling, or even visiting your business website, get this course.

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Gary Kulis
- Owner, Kulis Construction

Boost your website profits with this course

Here is the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) course ever designed. Built by a prior military secret communications officer, you will learn methods that just aren't available elsewhere. Get started now and learn how to build a solid foundation that will help skyrocket your online marketing.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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John Doe UI/UX Designer

“This information is valid and timeless.”

“My company needs the internet to survive. That's how we get customers. We spent over $100,000 on a 'consultant' in Orange County, California that basically got no results.

At least I learned 1 thing, and that is making a 'blog' won't do the trick.  You need good Search Engine Optimization.  That's why I bought this course, and it delivered massively."

Jack Tibbetts
- Manager, Cyberg Corporation

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“At our business, we don't have time for online classes that promise 'make money, change the world.' We need real, actionable techniques that we can apply TODAY and that will help us grow the hotel business.  TopSecret SEO does just that -- and more."

Michael Grainger
- Manager, Carmelita Hotel
John Doe UI/UX Designer

I want customers to find my business online Excalibur Websites can help
Jeff Berry
Creator of TopSecret SEO

About the Author

Mr. Berry began his secure (secret) communications career in the Washington, D.C. area at the age of 17. He has worked for a number of US defense agencies and was responsible for the acquisition of secure space-borne electronic systems. Desiring to move beyond corporate life, he earned an MBA from USC with academic honors, and began his web design and SEO agency. Filled with a treasure trove of information, Mr. Berry will share a multitude of proven techniques with you that you can use to help increase traffic to your website and ultimately boost your profits.

But isn't Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Too Complicated?

Admittedly, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a complicated and mysterious subject. However, don't let that fact deter you. This course is designed to teach you the top-level concepts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Once you understand how SEO works, you will have a strong foundation to speed your online marketing success and gain more traffic and more customers. 

Even better, once you understand the concepts of SEO, you will no longer fall prey to SEO advisors and online courses that say "do this" one day, and then say "do that" the next day, continually leading you on a wild goose chase. Avoid wasting your precious time and let this course show you the proven strategy of an experienced SEO master.

How do I know TopSecret SEO can help?

Easy.  This course reveals how to research your competitors online. It is now possible to obtain super-detailed information about what SEO techniques your most successful competitors are using. Armed with the knowledge about what works, you can simply copy the SEO techniques that are working for your competitors.  Even if they are a large competitor with deep pockets, free or low cost methods exist that you can use to duplicate their success!

Advantages of TopSecret SEO vs Other Courses

Search engine optimization is constantly evolving. Don't make the mistake of buying some cheap SEO course at 90% discount.  Because you know what you'll get?  That's right, a bunch of rubbish that is outdated and no longer works.  Even worse, some of the outdated information can actually damage your website rankings!

TopSecret SEO

  • Get proven techniques that you can use on your website today.
  • Completely designed by an expert.
  • Updated material that's cutting-edge, and won't harm your website.
  • Covers all top-level SEO concepts so you are an SEO master.
  • Gives you a ton of valuable information for the price.

Other Courses

  • Give you "fluff" that sounds great, but isn't usable.
  • Are made by copying other courses.
  • Use outdated material that no longer works.
  • Give you a small list of "tricks" they hope will work.
  • Don't know what really works, but take your money anyway.

Here's What You Get in the TopSecret SEO Video Course

  • Video training that helps you learn FAST
  • Presented by a USC MBA Entrepreneur
  • Techniques to research competitors
  • Methods for On-Page SEO Optimization
  • List of the best tools to use for keywords
  • A proven roadmap to follow

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you finish Quiz 1 and don't feel like this course can help improve your website's search engine optimization, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

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