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Google Tag Manager Installation + Event Setup


Installation and setup of Google Tag Manager with 5 events (please contact your Project Manager for further information).



Please contact your Project Manager should you want to purchase this product.

Set up Fee: $40/hr

*Please note: initial purchase of this product is inclusive of 3 hours, any additional hours required will be charged at $40/hr.

Requirements: Website Access + Google Analytics

Flexi Time Fee: $199

The product includes installation of Google Tag Manager, a tool that eliminates tedious code-editing tasks that formerly requires a developer to accomplish. It allows the marketing team to add and update their own website tags – including javascript code snippets for site analytics, conversion tracking, and remarketing implementation.

Product cost is applicable to one (1) website only. This includes the following:

  • One (1) Container Setup

  • One (1) Pageview Tag

Four (4) Event tags to track the paid media actions on your website (e.g. Form submissions, downloads, sign-ups).

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