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Secrets of Monterey Web Designer

1. Monterey Web Designer does Local SEO for Monterey, CA (Search Engine Optimization)

Getting started with Local SEO

  1. SEO Consultants contact Monterey Web Designer to add originality to a design. Although we specialize in SEO, Excalibur Websites makes amazing custom websites. Here in Monterey, California there are many events like the Jazz Festival. There are many wine tasting events here as well, throughout the summer and fall. But if you can be the proud owner of a website that can turn unexpected elements into interactive items that the customer will interact with and keep them on site longer, you are way ahead of most of your competition. It is important to get a good SEO Analysis, like this FREE SEO REPORT.
  2. Selecting keywords. When selecting keywords, there are 2 main things that you need to keep in mind. Number one, need to be aware of the sheer number of searches that were made for your keyword. The next thing you need to be aware of is the difficulty of your chosen keyword. For example, if the difficulty of your keyword is above 80, we recommend forgetting about going for that keyword, because it will require more resources than your company has budgeted.  Monterey web design can apply the techniques effectively to WordPress websites and can beat large companies, especially if they are using incorrect words.
  3. Proper Local SEO word choices are paramount to a strategy that works. Do you really think you’re going to rand better than a large company for a term like “air-conditioning repair?” Please stop because there are people who will waste your money and put it down the drain, but they are getting paid. These people are not the best search engine optimization consultants around, but they love to take your money. Monterey web design uses superior search and optimization methods for local businesses.
  4. Optimize for buyer intent words. Take a second right now grab your cellular telephone and begin a search. Have you noticed that you are using more than two words for most of your searches? That’s right when you’re looking for something, and you’re ready to buy, you want use search terms like best ice cream in Monterey California or best search engine optimization consultant in Pebble Beach for example. The words people use signal they are searching for you and are ready to buy. Spend money on a good SEO consultant while getting a website based on a Monterey website design.
  5. What about the Strategy?  I let you get this far without a plan, but it’s time to do do some Strategic Plans. I am reluctant to state the obvious, but without a plan you are planning to fail. Seriously think why you want a website. Come to Monterey Web Design with a concept about why you are getting a website. Do you want the website to attract tourists to Monterey? Do you want your website to bring more customers to your restaurant because of the website’s design? If you do, you’re beginning to form a strategy and it must be written down otherwise you won’t be able to skyrocket your business income with the Monterey premiere website we make for your business.

More Advanced Techniques

  1. Local SEO trick. Directories.  Choose a good domain name that is a keyword or keywords in demand. Google makes some data available at AdWords, so use that to make choices. Once you know what these words are, submit your business name and address and telephone number to as many directories as you can. The best way would be to select a list of 15 directories and submit to those. Directories could be Yahoo, Moz, Google, and others. Here are further tips related to Local SEO in Manteca, California.
  2. Page load times. These days, Google is even more sensitive to page load times because if you’re human you hate waiting around for a webpage to load. Monterey Web design always keeps this in mind. You need to get a snappy website with a fast page load time. Since SEO Consulting is one of our specialties, you will get a fast loading site that will help you get found in the Google search engine results pages SERPS.

2. Monterey Web Design Builds WordPress Websites for Customers

User Experience

  1. Usability.  An important aspect of visibility is your page navigation. Both the aspects that I mentioned below will be important to your success on web design. The first page needs to be as descriptive as possible for the human reader your user to understand and be motivated to click on. Secondly, scrub these words to make them as attractive as possible for Google. Although it is not as important as it was before, to have your exact keywords everywhere, it is important to mention them a few times and to also relate them to each other. Further, Monterey Web Design can help you create more detailed information on your blog that will allow you to conceptually link and point to these keywords.  Anyway you want to keep it simple. Pick three (3) keywords and focus on those.
  2. Too many advertisements are bad.  I visited a site recently and there were so many advertisements on it took about 30 seconds to load the page. This was called Forbes.com, and I’ll bet their bounce rate is close to 100% because it was a hideous website. It is sad to see Forbes.com taken over by the marketers overdone it with pop-up advertising.
  3. Types of Customer (website user/buyer). Since your customer is your buyer, it is important to understand their behavior. Why are they here in Monterey? Web design is important in getting these customers to interact with your business. Perhaps one of your customer types likes to receive a lot of information and data. Then we need to remember that long pages take longer to load. Further, images and pages with video are another consideration that can drastically increase load time and hurt your Page Rank. Another post called the 1 Magic Secret to Getting More Customers may be useful. The WordPress support agency Monterey Web Design can assist in developing a model of your buyers. If your buyers are female, is your color scheme suitable to them?  How old are they? Is there a seasonality as to when they visit Monterey? Do they peak during Spring Break? Easter? Labor Day? These are things that you need to start thinking about or have written down even if you’re using three sentences to begin.


3. Important Monterey Web Design Considerations

  1. Website structure. Having a proper title and Heading tags is always important. This harkens back to the necessity of finding good keywords because Google pays strict attention to the titles and headings. These must be right. If you do not have the time and you live in Pebble Beach and want to use a WordPress website consultant, then choose Monterey web design as an option.
  2. Number of Pages. How many pages do you want on your website? You want as many pages as your customers want and also as many pages Google wants and then you need to anticipate how this might change in the future to stay ahead of the search engine optimization curve.  First off you need to make a baseline from your database of keywords as mentioned above. Write a very strong page focused on each keyword. A strong page is a page of 1,000 words or more.
  3. Menus and Navigation. Navigation is key to improve the experience for any website user and Google will read these menu items and give them a fair amount of weight since they are important in the structure. Remember to give them most the appropriate names you can.
  4. If you want your site to work in the modern online marketplace it needs to conform to recognized standards. This means it needs to adhere to section 508 and W3C compliance factors as well as EU Cookie laws (if applicable). Monterey Web Design can refer you to sources that can make meeting these regulations easy and fast.

On-page SEO Considerations

  1. Internal Linking for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Having one a your posts link to another post is beneficial because it shows that another page also is valued in the structure of your website. We all know that if another website links to your website that counts as a vote for your website. Similarly a link from one of your pages to another page can help boost your Google rank if you desire to be #1 on Google.
  2. Responsive – good on mobile phones. Approximately 60% of people searching online are on mobile devices. You may recall that about 97% of shoppers began their search by searching online. This means that more than half of your buyers are on mobile phones and you must make sure that your website looks good on screens that shrink in size or that can be rotated, otherwise you may incur a Google Penalty and lose your ranking.
  3. Color:  You can try to guess what color your customers like. However, like I was recommending, if you have any idea that your customers are female to go with a website color leaning toward a muted pink or purple. Men prefer more blues and reds and can handle some black color, so make a website that’s designed for customers.  Oftentimes making website that you like is completely off base and is not the purpose of your website. If you want to get a vanity website make a separate website.
  4. Images are extremely important in web design. They have always been important, and they are still becoming more important. At this point in time both video and images are gaining in importance as our media experience online becomes richer. Use a local photographer. If your business is in Monterey, California, perhaps an SEO Consultant with a different view like a Del Rey Oaks Local SEO Consultant could be asked for advice and guidance.

4. Monterey Web Design helps 2x your business activities

Why you need a website

  1. A website is a 24 hour employee-advocate for your business. With almost 100% uptime and availability, having a website means that Google can crawl your website 24 hours a day and that means that the changes that you make to your website to help you become #1 in Google will take effect more quickly. Why do you want to be number one on Google? Because if your remember, hardly anyone clicks on the 2nd or 3rd search result — they click on the first result.
  2. Your website is like an online brochure. You must have a business card, too. The business card and the website go hand-in-hand to support each other and then to allow you to go from a basic foundation outward and expanding your marketing efforts. One important thing to do is add a “frequently asked questions” section and this will help you appear to be an expert while educating the customer to learn more about your product or service.
  3. You own a professional email in your domain. Make sure you do not have a an email address that ends with AOL or MSN or any email system that was from the 1990s. That is a clear giveaway that you are ancient and your company’s computers are outdated, which is the exact opposite of the impression you want to make. Having an email in your domain name like [email protected] is the way to go.
  4. As mentioned above, more than 97% of consumers begin product searches online. Here is is worth mentioning again that a vast amount of people MILLIONS use the Internet to search for products and services that they want to buy. Do you really want to have only a 3% chance of succeeding. That’s what you’re doing if you don’t have a website. No website = 97% hidden.

Monterey Website Design helps you look good

  1. A good website increases the value of your business equity and worth. Conversely, a bad, outdated website is a detriment. Have you ever seen website that didn’t resize to fit the screen? Have you ever seen a website that had lettering so small it was illegible? When customers encounter an ancient website (that may have an old copyright or that is using a font that is no longer used these days) they instantly think your business is worth less. So accept that fact and build a beautiful website that you customers love.
  2. A website helps achieve business goals by making the site planning, writing, organizing. In the process of making your business website and then spending time periodically using an SEO Consultant to perform the search engine optimizations, your business goals will become laser-focused making immense gains possible.
  3. You can communicate with your customers and relate to them. These days, you absolutely have to be Social. Get on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn initially so you can understand how all of these networks work. As you go along, by looking at Google Analytics, you will get more information about your customer and you’ll find out which social media are more optimal for you to spend time on.
  4. A website gives you a place where you can voice your opinion without judgment. If someone leaves you a comment you don’t like, you can just drag it over to the spam folder. Having a blog on your website helps establish you as an expert. This is one of the major factors people consider if they’re going to use a product or service. Also, being able to prove you’re confident and competent lends to the trust factor, so they’re more likely to buy from you than from somebody else they might find on the Internet.

5. WordPress Support Services of Monterey Web Design

  1. You may already know that WordPress is “free.”  However, many add-ons cost money, some cost thousands of dollars. Consultants cost money, but they are worth it.
  2. Sell products. Monterey retailers can sell products that can be shipped, so, with a good e-commerce system, customers in remote locations can be served at any time with the ability to enrich the lives of both customer and the business owner through increased profits.
  3. Promote events like parties, and wine-tastings, and weddings. In addition to websites, other techniques to help with Local SEO may be needed. Monterey Web design has pioneered many techniques and some of the proven techniques will allow us to grow website visitors quickly and get them involved for the long-term.
  4. eMail marketing for constant contact with vendors, clients, customers. As usual email is a good marketing technique. About 70% of male and female company executives like to communicate with their suppliers through email. Take advantage of email, and learn to communicate effectively with email.

15% of the Internet is HACKERS

  1. Anti-virus | Anti-Hacker protection is important because you’re using WordPress and this system is quite popular. And you probably heard that systems that are more popular also get hit more by hackers. People can bemoan this fact, however we always are on the alert for viruses,  sometimes having a set of 2 virus scanners, and in extreme cases 3 fences of antivirus may be on our master websites. Get a free SEO report with a heavy-duty scan for viruses.
  2. Malware scans are important because malware can easily trick inexperienced users into installing dubious software so one must remain vigilant at all times, day and night. Malware scanning can be an additional service provided over and in addition to the hacker protection. Remember that 15% of all traffic on the Internet is hackers.
  3. Updates for Security are important because as new viruses come out the software will need to be updated to recognize the new virus. You will oftentimes need to make a decision about if you want to install updates immediately, or if you want to install them daily or sometimes you may want to install the updates weekly if you have a number of websites. Doing it weekly aids in organizing and streamlining the updating process.

Backups are Necessary

  1. Backups are essential and need to be kept in more than one location. There is software that will make a backup of your website and it will store it to the same folder on your server. But this is a problem because if hackers get into that folder they will be able to destroy both the original website and the backup. It is for this reason that we hold backups in completely different locations.
  2. Content creation is needed these days addition to a good website structure created by those at Monterey Web Design who are able to “bake in” local SEO. Making information that your customer finds of value is good in the eyes of Google. If you are a baker, make pages about doughnuts and the different flavors of cupcakes. Make pages about every kind of pastry you make in addition to telling stories about how your customers love your products.
  3. Remember, companies that use an outside consultant for internet marketing and SEO, tend to be 75% more likely to survive than companies that do no planning at all. Start today with Search Engine Optimization Instant SEO Boosters.

Thank you.

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