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A Local SEO Consultant – Del Rey Oaks, California told me a few months ago what he thought were some of the best ways to get his business found by people that were searching online.

Many of the ideas were outdated, so perhaps we should cover them here:

Myth #1: Trading links back and forth will will help your rankings in Google. Yes, it is a myth. If I send you a link and then you send me a link, we are each boosting each other’s ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs), but it would look pretty strange if you and I have 500 links between two websites. Google will not like this because you are artificially inflating the appearance of the value of your WordPress website. And Google may ban you from their search engine and then you will be un findable by people searching for your business online.

Myth #2: Putting hidden text on a page will help you,  especially if you put in as many words related to your business as possible in the hidden area.  The Local SEO Consultant – Del Rey Oaks said this is false and Google is focused on a good experience for the reader, so if you have white text on a white background which is basically unreadable it will be useless to the user of the website Google will also be able to pick up on this very easily checking for similar colors of text on a background check the code that was used to write the website. Again this is a dangerous tactic and should be avoided because you are website may get hit with a Google penalty, and Local SEO Consultant – Del Rey Oaks can help you avoid that penalty.

Myth #3: I can add 1,000 pages about my area business that I copied from e-zine articles and government publications and that will boost the popularity of my website. Local SEO Consultant – Del Rey Oaks knows this used to be true several years ago. Now is a practice that will often lead to know results. The Google ranking algorithm has consistently improved and some consider it to be like a 12-year-old child in its way of thinking however it is very powerful and the extent of its memory. Get further information by reading 10 Main SEO Expert qualifications for Rio Del Mar, California. So with a lot of PhD is working on the algorithm we recommend just going with the flow and producing more quality content as opposed to the sheer vast amount of content. Quality content will get you further help you reach number one in Google. Contact us at Local SEO Consultant – Del Rey Oaks, the phone number is at the top of the page.

If you are located in Del Rey Oaks, California, there is a company called Excalibur Websites, Inc. located in Monterey, California, that can handle all of your website development, website design, and Local SEO planning and tactics.

They (Excalibur Websites) offer Search Engine Optimization services for Del Rey Oaks.  As an experienced Internet Marketer, I can assure you that they have seen most everything before, and are competent in helping you increase your website visitors.

On a related topic – Strategic Planning.  People living in Del Rey Oaks may have difficulty locating someone to develop a Strategic Marketing Plan for them that can be implemented online.  Whether this is because there are not enough people in the area to support WordPress Maintenance services, will remain to be determined, but most business can benefit from local search engine optimization (SEO).  SEO begins with choosing the right keywords and there is more information on picking the right keywords here.

Avoiding these pitfalls, that were once good techniques, will help unleash the power of your website like never before.

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