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Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing investments you can make, because you have complete control over the timing and frequency of your marketing messages. When properly managed, your email list of prospects and customers is one of the most valuable assets in your entire business.

"Our email marketing services are designed to grow your email list and help you generate more leads and customers from your email database, every month."


IBM, Target Company, Sotheby's and Kodak recommened Excalibur Websites, Monterey, CA

Email marketing is for you if...

You believe in steadily growing your customer base and establishing strong relationships with your customers. And if you want to stay in contact with them in the months and years to come, so they continue to buy from you repeatedly.

  • Here's a quick summary of the process that will help build your customer email list by leaps and bounds...
  • Email service provider (ESP) setup and configuration.  We will review your email account and make any necessary edits to improve email marketing performance.
  • We will edit the forms on your website so that you build your email list on an on-going basis.
  • We will install Lead Capture mechanisms to grow your email list. This can be a free quote, free consultation, special discount, or a free report.

Here's What You Get! Email marketing Delivers Results No Other Marketing Methods Can Match!

Take a look at how email marketing works; all the pieces come together to help make your online business into an automatic profit-generating machine...
Our email marketing service consists of two phases: Setup and Management.

Review & Configuration

The first step is to get your Email Software Provider (ESP) set up and configured properly.

Form setup

We will edit the forms on your website so that you build your email list on an on-going basis.

Lead Capture Setup

In order to grow your email list, it’s important to provide offers on your website in exchange for your website visitors’ email addresses.

Nurturing System Setup

We create an automated email sequence to nurture your leads.

Thank-you page

Once people request the lead magnet from you, you display a relevant message.

Delivery Email

We set up a delivery and follow-up system for you.

Analytics Setup

Includes configuring Google Analytics on your website.

Email Follow-Up Sequence

Follow up with new email subscribers to keep them "warm."

Email Newsletters

Includes an mail newsletter template that promotes your products and services.

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email marketing services if you want more customers

Take Control of Your Internet Marketing

Tired of losing out on thousands of dollars of business? There are millions of people on the Internet and more and more people are using the Internet everyday. This product can help you take advantage of the huge opportunity that exists for expanding your business online. I call it the next Gold Rush.

Want to start using a time-tested method to increase your business? We've used many different methods to help customers become aware of our products and services, and then to turn them into buyers.  There are many "gurus" out there who want to sell you the magic software they developed.  They are out to make a quick buck, and will be gone tomorrow. Instead of chasing for the next magic bullet,  use the time-tested methods provided here.

Tired of working with 21 year-old "marketers" with no experience? It's easy to set up a website, and make big promises.  But without experienced marketers who have years of business experience, you can easly lose your shirt to marketing neophytes who say they can "grow your business," but who will be "growing their wallets." Check our credentials, we've been in business for many years, and have the credentials to get you results.


USC Entrepreneur

Phi Kappa Phi (Academic Honor Society)

Thinking about waiting to get started until next week, next month, or next year? As you may be experiencing on your real life, prices are always going up. The longer you wait, the more this service will cost you. This is not cheesy hype to get you to sign up, it's the truth.  

Further, doing nothing will allow your competitors to use these services, and may enable them to create a permanent lead in your business niche. To wait is to risk losing your business online.  Our motto is "Get Online, or Get Left Behind."

The main reason we chose Excalibur Websites is results...

"The setup process that we got was absolutely amazing. I now save hours of time when dealing with customer emails, and feel in control again. Most of our highest paying customers were developed by using email to help the customer solve problems."

Scott Dannon, SDE, Inc.

Targeting potential customers filters out the fluff

"We used to waste time chasing potential customers that said they were interested, but ended up wasting our time and never buying from us. With email marketing, customers that aren't interested drop off the radar (good).

And thanks to Excalibur's email marketing skills,  the quality of our products offerings is now top notch and we always make a great impression!"

Valerie  Calias, Master Staffing Services

Your Email Marketing is a 2-phase Power-packed System.

​Phase 1: Email marketing setup, includes:

Step 1: Email Service Provider Configuration: a. Email service provider setup and configuration.  b. Setting up of email forms.

Step 2: Lead capture system setup:  a. Lead capture installation.  b. Thank you page.  c. Delivery email (auto-responder).  d. Email follow-up sequence.

Step 3: Email marketing tracking and analytics setup: a. We set up email marketing tracking to monitor the performance of your email campaigns.

​Phase 2: Email marketing management, includes:

Step 1: Email newsletter development, including newsletter template and newsletter content (which you approve).

Step 2: Email promotions. We develop email promotion strategies for you, including handling the technical aspects of formatting and actually sending the promotions.

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Try our services risk-free for 14 days! If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason during this time, we will cheerfully refund your money, no questions asked. But we feel confident you will find our services to be of the highest quality available anywhere. We are your partner for online business success. Get the results you deserve now.

Excalibur Websites (Internet Marketing) helped turn prospects into buyers

"I've been using Excalibur's advertising and email services for several months now, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Great value at a great price."

Thomas Williams, Entrepreneur

Email services are helping us grow our business!

"Like I said, Excalibur Websites email services have been a great solution to growing our customer base, and profits.

Their proven system is very user-friendly and they have been able to answer all my questions. The simple, concise control over our customer lead generation and nurturing system has catapulted my business forward.  We grew  our customer base 39% over last year."

William DeMott


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Why don't I just do this myself?

Are your team members based in the USA?

Who am I going to work with?

How long does it take to get results?

What kind of commitment do you require?

Do you offer "cold email" or outbound email services?

Do you offer any guarantees?

Can Excalibur Websites help me buy or rent an email list?

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email marketing services if you want more customers