How To Get An Amazing Business Website

(That Customers Will Love)

There Are 3 Things A Successful Business Website Needs:

  • Your website needs to be search engine friendly,  in order to appear on Page #1 of Google search so your customers can find it.
  • Your website should be made by experienced online marketers with real business experience,  not by some 22-year old "designer" that just  got out of college.
  • Your website needs to be "expandable" and adaptable in order to attract customers and continue to convert website visitors in to buyers.

Almost All Websites Suffer from a Big Problem, They Look Pretty, but Don't Get People to Buy...

Custom Monterey Premier Divi WordPress web design

There are millions of websites out there, many of which are using pre-made templates.  For example, one online website company boasts, "We have over 500 websites templates that make it easy for you to get started." That sounds great until you realize the odds are pretty good that your website will look just like a hundred other websites, destroying your credibility.

Further, many of these online website companies offer a free website.  If you've been around the block, you know nothing is really free.  They offer the free website to get you hooked, and sooner or later, you will want a better website than the cheap, free one you have.  Now they've got you paying more and more so you can improve your inadequate free website.

These online website companies don't tell you, but your website is on their system.​  This means that you are trapped by them, paying monthly fees over and over for a website that doesn't perform, that doesn't get you more business.  It's impossible to move your website. You will need to completely rebuild the website if you move it, so why not avoid these companies altogether in the first place?

“Take a second to think. None of the successful internet marketers I know use companies like Wix. Nor do we use people located overseas in foreign countries. The quality is just not there.  We use WordPress, and have full control over our websites. Further, our websites have capabilities far beyond what Wix can offer.  We demand the best, which means we build our own websites.”  Jeff Berry, Owner, Excalibur Websites.

Another problem is the quality of work your receive from most website makers.  One choice you have when purchasing a website is to use a "website designer." But what does a website designer know about business? Not much; they're probably only trained in making a pretty website, and don't care if the site is slow to load, making Google rank it so low it doesn't appear in the search engine results pages (SERPs). This means customers can't find your website when they search online.

Thinking about using a fancy "website design agency?" This is even worse than using a freelancer, because you pay super-high prices for junk work. As you know, they charge huge fees, pay the workers peanuts and pocket the difference after paying for their fancy office space.  Actually, to these web design agencies, YOU are the product.  They don't care about you.  And they don't have business experience, either.

When you choose Excalibur Websites, you get the following benefits:

Business Website

As you may know, experience in business is critical. We bring over 30 years of real business experience into the design of your website.

Findable Website

Search engine optimization is best left to experts like Excalibur Websites. Modifying your H1 tags and moving on (as many neophytes recommend) is simply not enough to make your website findable.

Stunning Website

97% of a customer's first impression and valuation of your website is visual. You get a stunning custom website like no other.

"Excalibur is a design company that can really boost sales..."

"I've been a PHP software specialist over 10 years, and I can tell you Excalibur Websites is first-rate, both in their beautiful websites and customer service."

- John Donohough (PHP Software Solutions)

Here are Some Important Things to Consider about Your Business.

"The future depends on what you do today."

The cost of an ugly, non-performing website is massive.  If your current website is ugly and outdated, you could be losing customers by the droves without even knowing it.  What customers see on your website is what they think about your business. If they hit your website and it's repulsive, outdated and difficult to use, they will leave (bounce). Additionally, if you don't even have a website, then you are not even in the game.  You have to play to win. 

Lost time can't be recovered.  Things move very fast online. If your competitor grabs 50 new customers with his or her website, those are 50 customers you don't get.  Further, if your new website brings 4 new customers through the door each month, how much is that worth to you (considering the lifetime value of a customer)?  I'll bet it's thousands of dollars of additional income that can help you support your family, grow your business, and live the lifestyle you deserve.

What Our Product Does for You:

Beautiful Design, That Gets a Lot of Traffic

Like the Golden Gate Bridge, you get a custom website that is super-functional and that helps bring in a lot of traffic.

The website you're purchasing is mobile-friendly and will look great on desktops, tablets, and smart phones. Your customers are likely searching for you at different times on different devices. No matter where they find your business, you'll be putting your best foot forward.

using the golden gate bridge for San Francisco SEO
Custom Divi websites designed Monterey Premier

Conversion-Oriented Websites to Boost Your Business

We've assembled website packages for you to take the guesswork out of what you'll be buying.

  • Designed by a premier website designer in Monterey, California to attract customers who can't wait to buy your products and services.
  • Developed by a computer expert who used to work in the US military, these websites have speed and marketing features other companies aren't even aware of.  These websites are available nowhere else.

Competitive Edge, These Websites are Fast

"Speed is Life." That old flying maxim is also applicable to website design, especially in today's highly competitive environment.

Over 90% of customers begin their purchasing journey with an online search. Although your website will be visually captivating, it will also be friendly to Google searches, helping you rise to the top of search results and grab customers before your competitors even know what hit them. Imagine having your content go viral!

Proven-method-reduces-load-time-from-19-to-1-second-500 212

"We hired Excalibur Websites to redesign our old website..."

"And I must tell you, they really came through.  We got a fantastic website with all the essential elements of a $30,000 website for much less.  Couldn't be happier."

- Abe Shinto (Tallahassee Trucking)
Customer of Excalibur Websites in Monterey and Salinas, California

"Amazed by the depth of understanding..."

"The website we bought from Excalibur had a visual appeal that made people say 'Wow!'  The 'wow' factor is essential for a fashion-oriented website like ours. Now, customers see us in a new light; they see us as experts. It's truly amazing and I wake up happy every morning knowing we are in good hands."

- Irene Woodward (Fashion Consultant)
custom small business website with search engine optimization

"OMG, these guys and gals rock!..."

"There are design companies, and then there are design companies that can partner with you and your business to deliver a product that gets results. That's what really matters - results. And Excalibur has come through for us again and again."

- Robert Hartley (CEO, Peninsula Tours)

What You’ll Get...

The images below are examples of some the top-performing websites available:
Monterey Website Designer for Small businesses that want customers online

"Websites with conversion-optimization built right in..."

These proven websites incorporate a number of ways for the customer to contact you.  These value packages incorporate a map, your business telephone number, and hours of operation - all of which are essential elements for a business website.  And there's even more! Most packages include A/B testing, which takes the guess work out of improving your website and increasing website visits, inquiries, and purchases. 

Don't let your competition get ahead of you. If you do nothing, they can gain a permanent advantage over you. Purchase right now.

Order Now to Reserve Your Gold Package Website!

The link below will take you to the best value website package available, called the Gold Package!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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"When it comes to creating professional websites..."

"There is no company that can surpass Excalibur Websites. Thanks to their expertise, our website has taken off like a skyrocket in the local area. I will use them for my next website, too."

- Victor Allegrano (Entrepreneur)

"I will say that Excalibur Websites has the knowledge..."

"I've used other website design agencies before, but their expertise was limited. Excalibur was able to design a great website and they clearly know all aspects of online marketing, too. Profits are now increasing thanks to our new website."

- William Talbot (Cosmetic Surgeon)

Some Important Things to Consider: 

Do you give discounts or have sales on your websites?  No, we don't give discounts and we don't have sales.  It is our policy to charge a fair price for top-quality websites. We know we are not for everyone. If you want a cheap website that costs money, but brings no return on your investment, then we recommend continuing your search for a website design company.

How much business are you losing with your current website? The websites created by Excalibur Websites help you capture valuable leads, potential customers that can be turned into buyers. How long can you afford to continue on with your old, dysfunctional website? Most businesses don't last 5 years. Don't let that happen to you.

The price of a website. These websites are an incredible value.  I know because we've done the research, and it's hard to find competency and quality online. As we continue to add value to our website packages, the price will increase accordingly. Take advantage of this offer now before prices rise. You'll be glad you did.

Here's What You’ll Get...

  • A Blog to Make You an Expert
  • Form to Get Customer Emails
  • Choose Your Own Images
  • 2 Hours of Website Training!

All these now for just:

$1,500 Bronze Package - basic website (27 Remaining)

$2,500 Gold Package - best value website (11 Remaining)

$3,500 Platinum Package - the very best website (21 Remaining)

Purchase The Gold Package Website Now!

These are Limited Edition websites. Only 30 of each category (Bronze, Gold, and Platinum) will be designed and produced in order to create and maintain a competitive advantage for our loyal customers.

Purchase before the timer runs out and get a FREE Click-to-Call Button, so customers can call you instantly!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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14-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the development of your amazing new website design within the next 14 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund of one half the full purchase price you paid.

"I stand by our products, and can assure you they are of the highest quality.  These are the absolute best business websites."

seo consultant at work designing a website for a business in Salinas, CA

Jeff Berry, BSME, MBA.  Lead Developer at Excalibur Websites.

HubSpot Inbound Certificate Pass3 (Custom)


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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