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7 Myths About Internet Marketing You Must Know to Succeed

Introduction to Internet Marketing Myths:

Our objective with 7 Myths About Internet Marketing You Must Know to Succeed is this:  with internet marketing and advertising we want to make it so you have a choice about the companies you do business with. We want you to have a large enough number of potential customers to choose who you want to work with! That way you can evaluate them and pick those that are ideal for YOU.

We realize you’re already very busy running your company. There’s a massive amount of work and precious time that goes into just keeping it operating at peak levels. But simply keeping it running is not good enough.  The only way you will be able to coast is -downhill.

Ted Turner said, “Early to bed early to rise, work like hell and advertise.”  You have the “work like hell” part down.  But brute force and duplicating exactly the same thing over and over will only get you the same final results; it won’t move your company forward.  Albert Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

You really have to take a risk. I’ll admit that internet marketing has its potential risks, however, they are a lot less than the option of doing nothing.  Additionally, you need to know that your competitors, a least some of them, are hell-bent on being victorious in your niche. They may even be attempting to destroy your business by ruining your good reputation. The more you permit them acquire the lead, the more strength they have (bad).

You simply cannot afford to be naive.  Prior to the world wide web, business activities were considerably more isolated. It you resided in San Diego, your target market was in San Diego, primarily. Now you can face competition from other metropolitan areas as well as other states. And even worse yet, it’s easier for offshore competitors to enter into your market. Consumers are often influenced by price, but we understand that great value is more important to you.  Keep perusing this report to discover how to get the value internet marketing can bring to your business.

Myth #1. The majority of the clients I need are not online.

Networking is wonderful but can go only so far. Business networking organizations are usually like joining a country club you believe is going to be amazing. However, you see the same folks over and over. At this point you’re paying a yearly fee for little or no, benefit.

Referrals generally are one of the best methods, yet have restricted reach. I once knew a household that was involved with marketing household items to their friends. After a number of months, their very own friends had become tired of being contacted to purchase the products and for referrals, and this household sacrificed their close friends. Asking for referrals makes you appear desperate; you will find better ways to get business.

Furthermore, asking friends and relations makes you appear substandard and you will probably find yourself taking on customers who are not ideally suited for you, and who may even cost you more money than they are worth.

Lastly, why confine yourself to only offline clients when there is an enormous untapped marketplace on the web?

Myth #2. Advertising on the Internet (Internet Marketing) is a passing novelty.

internet marketing for online marketing success

The computer screen capture above demonstrates the progressively escalating searches for “social media” compared to. the rather flat number of searches for “social media marketing,” suggesting that internet marketing on social media is lagging far behind people’s utilization of social media. Word of advice: This indicates opportunity.

Take a look at these numbers from a year or two ago. 3 billion (3,000,00,000) men and women be using the Internet in 2015. Typically, they will spend more than 6 hours on the internet every single day. Google processes in excess of 100 billion queries each and every month. And, mind you, mobile search has overtaken computer desktop searches; mobile queries will be 70% of the of the lookups made in the United States this current year. These numbers increase each year – and if you don’t begin now your organization is going to be all but abandoned.

Search is the perfect way to find individuals who are searching for your business’s goods and services at the present time, but display and remarketing advertisements provide extra opportunities to reach customers while they navigate around the Internet. What’s more, businesses that follow a well-rounded strategy are almost always the most successful.

Consequently, advertising on the Internet, (Internet Marketing) is not a passing craze, it’s an enormous opportunity!

Myth #3. My existing website is sufficient

Issue #1:

internet marketing needs a https connection

HTTPS.  Have you ever noticed a message such as the one above? In The month of January, 2017, Google initiated a policy of tagging HTTP internet websites that transmit account details and charge card details in an unsecured manner in an effort to warn people away from insecure website pages.

When the internet was initially engineered, security and safety weren’t huge issues. The World Wide Web was utilized by research workers at educational institutions, and the general public didn’t have access to it.  Nowadays, vast amounts of people have accessibility to Internet, and these people send out very sensitive information over it.

Google is taking action to safeguard its users, mainly because it desires to provide its customers a safe and secure “experience.”  To that end, it favors internet sites which encrypt your information with HTTPS, since a “regular” website making use of HTTP makes it possible for an attacker to take a look at the data and quite possibly modify the information just before it actually gets to you!  This is known as “man in the middle” attack. An internet site. without HPPTS will certainly rank lower and also be significantly less visible within the search engine rankings.

Issue #2:

Mobile responsiveness: on April 21, 2015 there was an important improvement in Google’s search algorithm formula which focused on websites that are mobile responsive.

The truth is, Google is rolling out an absolutely separate index for mobile internet sites!

The amount of mobile search requests surpassed the amount of desktop searches many months ago. This is a distinct warning that companies that don’t have mobile friendly websites won’t be found in google search results when consumers search for a company on a mobile phone.

Issue #3:

Having an unappealing, non-interactive website. Twenty years ago, simply just having a web-site was sufficient; you were on the cutting edge.  Do you recall many people asking, “Do they have a website?” In years past that was basically everything you required to make it possible for customers to obtain your name, address, and phone number (NAP) as well as bring you a lot of credibility online.

At this time, prospects are expecting a lot more.  It addition to having the ability to get in touch with you, they also have quite a few questions. They will certainly be investigating both you and your competition. They most likely won’t purchase from you the very first time they visit your website.

For that reason, your website really needs to be remarkable and unforgettable.

At this time, I would like to point out that in the event your website is slow to load, then consumers definitely will bounce away from it.  Bounce means they access your website, spend less than three seconds looking at it, and then abandon your website.

If the website takes greater than 3 seconds to download, people will in all probability bounce off it.  Consider your very own experience. For how long will you wait for a website to load all the way up before you move onto another?  Slow websites are some of the most aggravating things, of course, if they frustrate you, you can rest assured they annoy your customers.  You should make it easy for your visitors to do business with you, and a slow-loading internet site won’t get it done. You must have a fast, stunning website in order to be in the game of internet marketing!

There are a lot of reasons to have an excellent website.  A website needs to be the focus of your main business.  Individuals are looking for goods and services on the internet. Nearly all your potential customers will certainly rely on the Internet as the single source of information with regards to your business.

You should use your website to make prospects cognizant of the problem they’re struggling with, as well as explain how you hold the solution. You need to use your website to educate your potential clients about your products and services, because they are going to have quite a few questions.  The more your website answers their particular questions and addresses their objections, the higher chance you have to win them over.

Myth #4. Advertising online for Internet Marketing is too expensive anyway.

Take a look at traditional advertising. If you are a personal injury lawyer or perhaps an air conditioning repair shop, then the Yellow Pages may still be good enough.  Then again, perhaps not.

Allow me to share a couple of actual examples of results from Yellow Pages advertisements.

Yellow pages example #1: An associate of mine knows a business gentleman who purchased a Yellow Pages advertisement for $9,000 one year.  The outcome, he received A single telephone call the entire year from the Yellow pages. The telephone call didn’t lead to any business, so that was obviously a very expensive advertisement for nothing.

Yellow pages example #2: Another associate purchased a Yellow Pages advert for $3,000 but got precisely 0 telephone calls. What a waste of greenbacks.

internet marketing is better without a billboard

How about billboard advertising? I had an associate at work check into billboard costs and it costs $4,800 each month to get a billboard at the junction of the 101 Freeway and Cesar Chavez Blvd. in Los Angeles.  It is only readable from 1 direction. Ask yourself just how many of your customers could possibly see this sign in a month.  Response: only a few if any. Hence billboard advertising and marketing seems as if you’re dumping money straight down the drain again.

What about advertising and marketing on the airwaves? When was the last occasion you listened to radio stations?  Guess what, it doesn’t actually make a difference if you tune in to radio stations or not.  It matters if your own prospects tune in to the radio, and if they respond to the radio commercial.  To begin with, it’ll cost you about $300 – $1000 to get your own radio advertisement developed.  Then you’ll need to run “spots” consistently.  The expenses just for running a radio advertisement at prime time is many times greater than the “average” price to run a spot. These charges mount up rapidly.

A regrettable fact with utilizing the above antiquated techniques is that they are very pricey, ineffective, and you have absolutely no way to track their performance!

The billboard vendors and the television and radio advertisement dealers are able to keep talking you into spending money on them because you actually don’t know if their advertising deliver the results!

Compare that with the expense of online advertising and internet marketing.

Initially, on the Internet your advertisements are going to be shown to those who are already interested in your goods and services, something traditional advertising is incredibly terrible at doing.

Second, the cost of getting your ad shown to potential buyers on the internet is nearly free, because you pay only after they click on your advertisement! You pay for clicks. Exactly what you pay for a click can vary from literally pennies to, in most instances, less than $20.

The following is an off-the-cuff illustration. If 1 in 100 individuals who click on your advertisement become a purchaser, then a customer will set you back $2000.  This is far less than phone book, television, radio, and billboard advertising. You’ll have your advertisement appear to 1000s of interested individuals for a surprisingly low cost!

To provide a side note, many people don’t realize that even if older individuals don’t search online, their children and grandchildren can be searching on the internet for those older people.

Myth #5. I don’t know if advertisements on the internet can create good results or attract the proper customers.

First, the right type of buyers must have some money, right?

Well, it costs hard earned cash for individuals to own a personal computer or mobile phone and to get on the internet.

From the very beginning, with internet marketing you know you’re working with a lot of people who have some amount of money since they are on the internet.

The first component of this myth is readily debunked, given that as spelled out above, Google, Yahoo, Bing as well as other internet marketing outlets possess a large amount of information pertaining to their customers and they’re going to offer advertisements to the prospects that are very likely to purchase from you. They don’t wish to irritate people by using low-quality advertisements, or with irrelevant promotions!

Furthermore, the effectiveness of the advertisements will be tracked.

You are able to understand specifically which advertising campaigns are working and which aren’t. Then you’re able to adjust your advertising resources away from under-performing advertisement and towards those which usually are converting best.

Myth #6. Social media is worthless for internet marketing.

social media is a component of internet marketing

Recall we brought up your reputation in the Introduction?  Many people go by first impressions.

Maybe you have a number of faithful customers, but the vast majority of your customers (80%) may very well be prepared to jump ship if they don’t get treated right (face it, some individuals will probably think they weren’t treated right) or discover a cheaper price.

Social media is probably not a huge income generator for you. However, think about it in this way, your front desk staff might not be a huge income creator for you, either.  That’s right, your front desk staff doesn’t need to be seen as a cost center, the reception area can be regarded as a profit center. How? By providing customer service.

Plus, social media is usually a fantastic way to communicate with customers and give customer care.

How frequently does somebody have a complaint?

Do some people need to be educated with regards to your services and products?

Without a social media presence your company can look of touch, old-fashioned, and inept.

Even if you don’t advertise on social media, it costs very little to take advantage of, and may pay back larger and larger returns year after year.

Myth #7: This internet marketing material is way too much to comprehend.

I realize you don’t have enough time to work all this stuff out. Of course, you have a business to operate.

An associated concern here is that because you don’t understand, you might be at risk of being taken advantage of by unethical “internet marketing consultants.” And they are out there, I am aware.

You may be thinking, “Internet Marketing consultants basically view me as a pay check.”

And, “There are so many so-called gurus around, how does someone locate an expert I’m able to trust?”

In the event you operate a business, the fact remains you won’t’ have enough time to market your business on your own.  You will require support. Your challenge is to discover very good consultant. You will need to do a little homework, no question.

Yes, quite a few internet marketing services and particularly public relations providers, view you as easy money, and they actually don’t worry about your success. But, you will find proficient professionals out there who actually do care. Your success is our success. Allow me to share a handful of ideas to help you weed out the losers and locate a winner internet marketing consultant.

Make a phone call.

A lot of companies simply just email a proposal and expect you to sign up with them.

When you don’t subscribe, they just drop you.  Hey, why spend time actually speaking with someone when they can get individuals sign up on the dotted line via electronic mail, and provide mediocre service for the 12-month agreement they hooked them on?

With these businesses, they may not be so worried about the products or services they’re going to provide to you. YOU are the product to them; you are a commodity. Stay away from these businesses like the plague.

Here’s an excellent word of advice. Place their website directly into www.archive.org, also referred to as the “Wayback Machine,” to determine precisely what their website looked like in past times.

Does the organization you got in touch with walk their talk?  This means if a website design agency speaks about making you a gorgeous website, does their website look fantastic?  In the event they speak about using social media, are they on social media?  If they mention being internet marketing experts, do they run effective advertising campaigns on their own?

If you are actually looking for something a bit complicated, check out this post on advanced email marketing using Thrive Leads and Drip Email.

Conclusion to 7 Myths About Internet Marketing You Must Know to Succeed:

With a little luck, we’ve managed to destroy a few of the common myths about operating online and about internet marketing.

We want to become your partner for internet marketing – online and offline. Internet marketing is exactly what we do best.

All of our expertise will help you sort through the jungle of internet marketing choices, whether that is offline internet marketing or online internet marketing.

From straightforward advertising and marketing to challenging marketing with email, we can easily help save you YEARS of time, and help prevent you from squandering thousands of dollars trying to puzzle out how internet marketing works in this technologically advanced time.

Combined with preventing losses, you have to concentrate on GROWTH. Our area of expertise is applying a tried and tested SYSTEM to grow your business on the whole.

Data indicates companies that make use of a well-rounded strategy plus a proven system perform the very best. Here’s a free tool to analyze your website to help you get more traffic and customers.

Go with a very good “jungle guide” if you are doing internet marketing.

Of course, you don’t want to get hurt (lose a lot a money) in your race to the top, but you want to win the race in first place with a lot of profits.

We understand profits result from providing an honest excellent service to your clients.

On the net, you can’t fool many people for long. Your customers might or might not be home makers, however I would like you to remember this quote from David Ogilvy. He said, “The customer is not a moron, she is your wife!”

Once you possess a system to serve your customers profitably, you’re half way there. Start now, your customers are waiting.

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