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Introducing 4 Proven Ways to Get More Customers Using Email with Thrive Leads and Drip

The future of email marketing, now!

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4 Proven Ways to Get More Customers Using Email will show you how to use email marketing to grow your business. Now you can gather potential customer emails in Thrive Leads and send them to Drip Email to nurture your subscribers into customers and skyrocket your profits.

Learn how to Integrate Thrive Leads with Drip Email Service.

Make sure you update both Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads.

Updating WordPress website plugins

1. Method 1: Going from Thrive Leads into a Drip Campaign

This way works fine and within about 5 minutes.

This method is the easiest if you’re just starting out. So you are only able to send a Campaign (a series of emails) to your subscriber.

Set up Thrive Leads to capture emails

After that, you want to get more advanced and Tag them (imagine a person walking around with a number of different name tags on them, saying different things about them.)

2. Method 2: Create a “Shell Campaign” First

In that vein, I have created a “shell” Campaign with 1 “thank you” email (I’m not sure if a Campaign needs an email, but I have not tried this with a zero (0) email “shell” campaign).

Then you can make another “real” Campaign and use this new Campaign to send emails like this. Make a Workflow that is Triggered by entering that first “shell” Campaign. That Workflow can then send any other “real” Campaign you want (like a 5 email series), but that is a bit “wonky.”

But it still gives you flexibility to control what a subscriber gets sent based on what form they signed up for on your website.

Here’s what the Thrive Leads popup looks like (there are many templates to choose from):

email marketing popup to capture customer emails

E.g., “Shell Campaign Popup” to Workflow to Trigger “Real Campaign Popup 5 email series.” And then for a slide-in form, make and use “Shell Campaign Slide-in” with 1 “thank you” email and then into a Workflow Triggered by becoming a member of “Shell Campaign Slide in” that sends the “real” intended Campaign “Campaign Slide-in” with 5 emails.

This enables you to, in a beginner’s way, send different stuff based upon people signing up to different opti-ns on your website (the popup or the slide-in).

Drip email marketing software rule

3. Method 3: Here’s a more advanced and more flexible approach.

I originally used a Rule to recognize the “Update a custom field” to Trigger a Workflow to send the Campaign emails and whatever else you want to do with the Workflow (like Tagging and adding Goals, etc.)

Using a tag for bettter email marketing using the best email marketer in California

But you may not need the Rule, as a Workflow can be Triggered by “Updating a custom field.”

For Record Custom Event, here’s what Thrive Leads sends when you set Record Custom Field with the values I set:

update a custom field to get customer emails and do email marketing

So, Thrive is sending to Drip!

API connection is working

It took less than a minute for the Subscriber to be added to Drip BUT at first it was just a Subscriber (not associated with a Campaign or Rule or Workflow. It was just a subscriber in the Subscriber Section.

I HAD TO WAIT what seems like 15 MINUTES FOR DRIP TO APPLY THE RULE (which was to see the custom field updated to “popup” and apply a tag. Then the Rule would take Applied a Tag to start my Workflow. The Workflow was started by updating a Tag. AND THE WORKFLOW IS SENDING THE CAMPAIGN!


4. Method 4: You Don’t Need a Rule:

Of course, this may work without the Rule, since I think a Workflow can start with a Trigger using “Updated a Custom Field,” but I haven’t tested, and my not test, using updating a custom field to Trigger a Workflow.

Drip email software workflow

5. Email Marketing Mastery

NOTE: See the Video! It’s 26 minutes long and will be easier for you to see how to set up this amazing method of staying in touch with your prospects in order to show your expertise, and show that people can trust you. this way, you will be “top of mind” when they are ready to use your services or buy your products.

email marketing by excalibur websites

I made a YouTube Video to show how it works. “How to Use Thrive Leads & Drip Email to Trigger Workflow.”

Conclusion: Email Marketing with Thrive Leads and Drip

Both Drip Email and Thrive Themes have done amazing work here, enabling you to take advantage of getting potential customer emails by using a lead magnet on your website and transmitting it to Drip Email (made possible by Thrive Leads) and then to nurture those leads by sending them a series of emails, and more (made possible by Drip Email). You may also like 17 Amazing Profit-generating Tricks Every Website Must Have.

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