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Problem: Your Business Website is Outdated, Ugly, and Visitors Keep Leaving...

Your website gets visitors, but once they see your website, they leave (bounce), never to be seen again.

A big problem exists when people go to your website and stay less than 3 seconds (a bounce), moving on to other websites. Often, they will go to your competitors' websites, causing a huge loss in sales revenue. This is a common internet marketing problem.

You are losing sales like crazy because there is nothing to encourage your website visitors to stay.  Without ways to engage with your customers online, there's no reason for them to stay.  If you don't take advantage of cutting-edge methods to establish your business as a trusted authority, why would they call you or give you their email address, much less buy your products and/or services?

My website was ugly, so I paid a developer close to $7,000 to make it look "visually appealing." But the pretty website was still not performing, it was like the website was in the middle of the desert and no one knew about it.​

Even after paying thousands of dollars for an attractive website, I still had the problem of low customer interaction.  I call the problem "all dressed up with nowhere to go." 

Other Business Websites Were Out - performing Mine by A Mile.  I Needed to Discover What the "Master Marketers" Were Doing with Their Websites" Before My Online Business Went Bankrupt.

With very little time to discover the cause of the problem (since running our small business took close to 80 hours per week), and then to select possible solutions to the problem, things looked grim. My family and I were beginning to lose hope that the business would survive to the end of the year.  

Hiring an online business consultant was considered, but how could we find someone that I trusted and knew what they were doing?  

Hiring a consultant seemed like an option at first, but there were some major problems with that approach. For example, some of the "consultants" were overseas.  What if they we paid them and they didn't do any anything?  I heard horror stories about business owners sending thousands of dollars overseas and never seeing it again. Further, I began hearing stories about the poor quality of work done by these "consultants," whether they were overseas or in the United States.

Without a way to control the cost and quality of the work, using "consultants" as an option was soon dropped.  There must be another way, I thought.  So, with the help of a friend who had experience in Internet Marketing, we began to develop a strategy we thought might lead us to success.

The big Internet Marketers were successful, but why? 

One part of the strategy was to uncover what  was working for "the big guys."

Another part of the strategy was to use methods that were no-cost or very low cost.

Since I was running a small family  business, we barely had money for advertising.  Advertising was considered as an option initially, but it was more expensive than we thought. The results were erratic and undependable. Managing the advertisements and "ad spend" was stressful and took too much time away from running the actual business.

Further, the customers gained from advertising were not the kind of customers we wanted!  They almost always wanted instant results, had unrealistic expectations, and were not repeat customers, They were looking for a "deal" and my company didn't focus on "deals," My company focuses on quality, not on giving away "deals" to strangers.

The customers we got through advertising always wanted instant results, had unrealistic expectations, and were not repeat customers.

We began a process we thought would take a few days, but the research into revealing what low-cost or no-cost methods worked would eventually grow into a process that took weeks and months. Nevertheless, we persevered until we found the solutions.  Some of the essential characteristics that were needed were:

Methods that were already proven to work online.

The methods couldn't be "sleazy," or cheap-looking.

Only the very best methods would be chosen.

Every single website visitor is important. The techniques had to grab the customer's attention immediately, and they had to provide value to the potential customer.

Research shows that, according to Google, you need to provide quality content for your customers. That means website pages and blog posts that address the problems they are facing. Problems that your business can solve for them..

As the long nights of research continued, I uncovered another fact. Customers must trust your business before they will buy from your business. Therefor, I developed proven methods that helped prospective buyers see that my family business was real, that it was located in the United States, and that we would be there after the sale to continue to serve our customers..​

Customers need to understand that you and your business are a trusted authority.  These days, it's easy for charlatans, fakers ,and incompetents to pass themselves of as leaders in their industry who can help you instantly solve your problems.  I won't name names here, but if you contact us, we can reveal some of the scammers on the Internet to avoid.

Another fact about buying behavior is that generally, customers will encounter your business 7 times before making a purchase.  If they only visit your website 1 time and never return, and you have no way to contact them again, that's a major problem causing a massive loss in income for the business.

Through all the absolute multitude of trash out there on the Internet, we've been able to discern some patterns and to actually find out what work and what doesn't.  It wasn't enough to just make an eBook that fed you a bunch of "instant success" techniques. Have you noticed everyone on the Internet says they are successful?  Well, they are not, but it's easy to look successful online.

  • All the methods we recommend work together. One of the several major advantages of the solution I developed is that the all the tricks work together.  The odds are that if you attempt to use a bunch of the crazy techniques people are peddling on the Net, your website will break.  Break means all you see is a white screen where your website once was.  Broke means that is can take a several days of paying an expert to restore your website. Who needs that? Nobody.
  • The techniques are currently used on real business websites.  Each and every trick and technique is time-tested and designed to be as effective as possible.  You don't have to use all the techniques at once, you can pick a couple to start with and build from there.
  •  These  methods are available nowhere else.  Why? Because the big guys don't reveal what they really did to create success. One major thing my associate and I noticed was that, even when "successful" Internet marketers were explaining what they did (and charging an arm and a leg for the information) they never gave the full story.  They never explained what they actually did to create their "success." Again, why?  Because if they told you the software they're using today, you could just copy them, and you wouldn't need to pay them for their so-called "secrets."

As the fog began to clear about what really worked, we developed the Online Lead-generation Solution...

The main goal of the many weeks of research, testing, and expense was to develop a proven process that we could use in our existing family business.  But, we also kept in mind that if we were to be truly successful in our goals, the methods needed to be usable by our sons, our daughters, and our friend's businesses, too.  In short, the process had to be repeatable.

As I applied the tricks and tips to my business website, I began to see an amazing thing:

The tricks, when combined, were synergistically creating massive increases in conversions.

It wasn't anticipated or planned for, but`the overall effect of applying these techniques at once was much greater than each trick working separately! Now we were on to something great, something that turned out to make huge positive gains in the business.

Even by applying 2 or 3 of these incredibly powerful methods, we were able to create a firestorm of new customers, each one eager to do business with us, and ready and willing to pay more than a fair price for the services and products we offered on our website.  A few customers saw so much value in our products, they said we should charge more for our products.

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Jeff Berry, BSME, MBA

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