Branding is primal.
We work closely with you to reveal your amazing brand and then share it with your customers.

Logo and Graphic Design

These are used to influence your customers to feel a certain way about your products. They need to convey trustworthiness and essential information.


Digital Strategy

“Make haste carefully.”
Julius Caesar, 73 B.C.
It’s funny how many other people operate without a strategy.  You get a specific plan to follow.

Website Design

Design skills are not learned, they are innate aptitudes.  Our Lead Designer enjoys creating beautiful, compelling websites that pull in the customers!

Website Development

Many things go on “behind the curtain” with a powerful website. We use cutting-edge coding to bring good SEO and more visitors to your website.

Website Maintenance

Hacker traffic makes up 15% of the Internet.  Absolutely essential items are backups, updates, anti-virus, and our unique anti-hacker protection.   


Digital Tactics

Tactics are selected based on the Strategic Plan developed for you above. Tactics require training to use effectively the instant they are needed.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the most powerful ways to attract customers.  We “find the good fishing holes, and give you a pole.”

Testimonials from

Happy customers.

testi-doctor-circleDorothy C.

San Jose, CA

“I chose Excalibur Websites to handle all my online business needs.  They put my business in turbo mode.  “


Lisa, K.

St. Paul, MI

“This team’s experience and deep knowledge is amazing!  It’s easy to say you’re the BEST, and Excalibur Websites can prove it. “


thumb_03_60_60Victor M.

San Luis Obispo, CA

“I researched the web, and selected Excalibur Websites, Inc. for their beautiful, compelling websites.  Traffic is up 30%! “


We are strongly invested in helping you succeed.
20 years ago, just a website was good enough.

Today, a Digital Strategy that follows cutting-edge SEO and Social Media Marketing tactics are essential to success.  
Here’s my FREE SEO report for you. 

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